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Oat and Mallow Skin Repair

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This formulation is carefully crafted with organic Nilotica Shea, oils and active botanicals that target a range of skin issues. Oat is amazing! It’s crammed with zinc and manganese along with vitamins A E and B ... all skin loving!Oat is the wonder ingredient for uncomfortable dry itchy skin conditions such as eczema.

It has an amazing ability to restore the skin barrier meaning faster healing and a reduction in itchy inflamed skin. Passion Seed Oil .. sometimes known as Maracuja oil, compliments Grapeseed oil when used in skincare. Both are rich in linoleic fatty acids which suit oily, sensitive and dry skin.

These anti- inflammatory oils are rich in protective antioxidants and natural vitamin C to even out skin tone and promote collagen production for firmer, brighter and smoother skin.

The anti inflammatory effect of marshmallow root not only compliments the organic oils but is known to relieve skin irritation as it nourishes and calms skin. It’s a great choice for skin concerns

Made in United Kingdom